MML Award Ceremony

I have recently returned home from an unforgettable experience at the Memorial Maria Luisa International Photography Awards Ceremony in Asturias, Spain.

I was greeted with open arms and was shown incredible hospitality by the organizers along with their families and friends. I will never forget their kindness and outgoing nature and hope to return soon.

To spend five days in the beautiful area of Asturias with the amazing people of MML is incredible enough, but to be accompanied by some of the top photographers in the world made this trip even more extraordinary.

In the shadow of snow covered mountains looking out over the Atlantic ocean, we sat with our Spanish beer and wine and just talked photography. These conversations went very late into the night, but we couldn’t get enough of each other’s hair-raising stories from past adventures, ideas for future photo trips and discussion of new techniques.

My visit to Asturias was truly a remarkable experience that I will remember always. I am so honored to have had this opportunity and am truly grateful to all that I met along this journey. Cheers!

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About the Author:

Cheyne Walls is an award-winning landscape photographer based in Southern California. Cheyne specializes in panoramic images of the Northern American landscape and his photographs are part of numerous permanent and private collections worldwide. His photography studio/gallery is located in Laguna Beach.