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Holiday Pop-Up Celebration

Join us for hot chocolate and holiday treats at the G2 Gallery Holiday Pop-Up celebration! Local artist Cheyne Walls will be signing copies of his new book Miles from Los Angeles as well as unveiling his new exclusive edition photograph YOSEMITE VALLEY. This family-friendly event will also feature a kids coloring station and live music. G2 will be giving out a gift with purchases over $25, and in keeping with our mission of giving back, 15% of all sales will be donated to our nonprofit partner Animal Wellness Foundation.

This event is happening in conjunction with the annual Abbot Kinney Holiday Stroll, featuring real snow sledding, an Instagram scavenger hunt, raffle prizes, carolers and more!

Sunday, December 4th, 2016, 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM    The G2 Gallery   1503 Abbot Kinney Blvd. | Venice, CA 90291 | 310-452-2842


Exclusive Edition Only 5 Prints Will Be Created

One of the most amazing scenes I have ever witnessed! After spending hours hiking the valley floor in the pouring rain, I decided to head for higher ground to try and capture the mood of Yosemite Valley in a rain storm. I sat alone atop Inspiration Point watching the fog forming in the valley hoping for a small break in the storm. About an hour later it happened.

It’s as if Mother Nature tightened the spicket and the rain just stopped. I was so busy removing the water protection bags from my camera I almost missed it. For a brief moment the clouds parted letting sunbeams light the valley floor and part of El Capitan. I watched in awe forgetting for a moment to click the camera shutter. After the first and only click of the shutter the valley was again engulfed with dark clouds and Mother Nature loosened the water spicket and rain resumed its control.



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One of my favorite times of year is when summer fades into fall. I love shooting in the Pacific Northwest during this season when timing is so critical, but totally rewarding when you get it right. The varying temperature and changes in rainfall cause trees to reveal their fall colors at different times each year. Usually I would be chasing the deep reds and yellows, but I wanted to capture that feeling you get as you just start seeing those signs that fall is on its way. I traveled from the city of Portland, Oregon up the Columbia River in search of those telltale signs.


ILLUMINATION captures an amazing tree. I photographed this tree about two years ago, “Place of Zen,” with its amazing reds and yellows. This year I wanted to capture the magnificent green leaves just starting to turn yellow with a few spots of red. After hours of waiting for the sun to come out from behind the clouds, I finally get that pop of light that brings this scene together and highlights the true beauty of this tree.


REAWAKEN was captured along the Columbia River about 40 miles East of Portland.  One of the most beautiful areas in the world, incredible hiking trails winds you through plush green forest with what feels like a waterfall around every turn. Starting my hike at 4:30am, I fixed my headlamp and was off.

A few hours later I was at my spot and setup the tripod on the wet rocks. It was the prefect location, an astonishing waterfall surrounded by lush forest and just a hint of fall with a small tree already showing off its autumn decor of reds and yellows. I affixed a wide angle lens to my ALPA 12 TC camera with a Phase One digital back to gain the composition I wanted. It now became a battle to keep the lens dry from the mist of the waterfall as I awaited the sunrise.

Unveiling “Canyon Sunrise”

Mesa Arch Cheyne Walls
Canyon Sunrise was captured in mid March, traveling through a much-loved region of mine in the astonishing isolated plateaus in Canyonlands National Park. One of the most incredible views of the vast canyons below is through the historic Mesa Arch. Remarkable during all parts of the day, but spectacular at sunrise when the underside of the arch is given a red glow by the rising sun.

The hike to the arch is exhilarating. I follow the glow of my flashlight with hopes for a perfect sunrise. Placing my tripod mere feet from the cliff’s edge, I get a glimpse of the starlit valley.

Cheyne Walls at Mesa Arch

It was the first clear day in about a week and the morning light put on a dazzling show. Beautiful oranges and reds dancing through the canyon while highlighting Mesa Arch. Light blues from shadows mix with yellows as the sun rises from behind the mountains. Trying to take in what is happening in front of me, I waited for that perfect moment to trigger the camera as the sun just peers over the 12,000 foot mountain peaks.


Canyonlands National Park in Utah holds a special place in my heart, not only for its amazing beauty and spirit, but it was the very first area I traveled to try out my new panoramic camera system. It marked the beginning of my career as a landscape photographer.

It is always an amazing event to witness the sunrise through Mesa Arch, but it is very rare that all the elements come together for that perfect photograph. The thrill has me going back again and again to photograph this iconic natural landmark.

Mesa Arch on the wall

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Upgrading to ultra high-end : Miles from Los Angeles

Hi Everyone,

I have some good news and bad news to share with you. First off, let’s get the bad news out of the way: we are behind schedule on delivery of Miles from Los Angeles. After receiving samples from our printer, we just weren’t impressed with the quality of the cover. We promised our backers a high quality art book, and the sample just didn’t meet our expectations. Now for the good news: the photo book is getting a complete quality overhaul and will be upgraded to what our printer calls “ultra high-end.”

Some new features we’ve added:

• Every individual image will have an enriched UV protective gloss

• Softcover books will have an enhanced glossy cover

• Hardcover books will include a high gloss dust jacket protecting a new beautiful cloth exterior

As backers of this project, we are so grateful for your support and patience. Therefore, we will not be sharing any of these extra costs with you. I just hope these improvements will be worth the extra wait.

We’re in constant communication with our printer and are working around the clock to get the book printed and on its way to you. We’re hoping to deliver the books by the end of May.

Again, thank you so much for your patience. I can’t wait to share it with you.



Zion National Park UT
451 miles from Los Angeles


Starting Off 2016


– PPA – Professional Photographers of America inducted Elysium into their 2016 International Gift Collection. It was presented to international delegates as a selection of fine art images representing the beauty of the United States.

Cheyne Walls PPA


– The release of  PERSPECTIVE from the Grand Canyon National Park.

Large storms rolling through the western United States have dropped record snowfall in the Grand Canyon area. After a hair-raising drive through snow and ice, I was rewarded with an amazing sunset over the west rim.

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Miles from Los Angeles is on its way to the printers! I signed on with a professional book designer to help clean up the rough edges of my original layout. This book is looking great, I’m very excited! We are working on final touches and will be going to print soon. Also I have added an additional image Perspective from my most recent journey to the Grand Canyon.

Cheyne Walls Book

Learn more about Cheyne’s first fine art Nature book.