Fine Art Prints

Capturing the Photograph

These are all actual photographs from real locations. All images have been captured with a professional high quality panoramic camera system, lenses & filters on location around the United States and Europe.

Camera techniques are used so when printed will present the location as if you were stand there witnessing that moment yourself. Today’s best camera technology still doesn’t even come close to what the human eye can appreciate. This is where the use of lens filters and an in-depth printing process fills in to recreate the scene, as the human eye would see it.

The Printing Process

Each Cheyne Walls limited edition photograph is printed and approved by the artist himself, ensuring only the highest quality for his buyers and collectors. Using a custom top of the line printer, photographs are printed on premium fine art custom gloss paper or premium high-end metallic paper.

Before and after the printing process, the paper is coated with newly developed archival pigments to prevent against fading and give the photograph the vibrant colors that Cheyne’s work is known for. Following the printing process, they are signed and numbered as limited edition and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Cheyne Walls on Location
Artist Signature

How to Purchase

There are several options to purchase a Cheyne Walls Limited Edition Photographic Print.

  • Call 949.370.5643 to make an appointment to view work at Cheyne’s exclusive Gallery / Studio in Laguna Beach. Here you can also place personal print orders through Cheyne.

  • Send us an email at with the name of the selected piece and we will email you all sizes available and pricing for that particular piece. FREE GIFT to all new collectors!

  • We offer various optical acrylic framed pieces on our Online Store. If you don’t see your desired piece, you can order through our Sales Team or through the Gallery / Studio.
Limited Edition Photographs

An early Cheyne Walls Limited Edition Photograph comes in an edition of 100. His newer photographs (starting in May 2014) comes in an edition of 20.

No more than that will ever be signed and numbered prints of each piece, (all sizes combined) will ever be produced. This will give a higher value to your investment compared with prints that are available in much larger quantities.

When the first 10% of the edition is sold, the price automatically goes up and thereafter a certain percentage of prints sold a price increase until it reaches SOLD OUT. The sooner you purchase a print, the higher the value of your investment will become over time.

Price Break Down

Opens at Pre-Release discounted (Collectors & Supporters) Contact us for more info: Click Here
0 – 10% Sold,  Original Value
11 – 25 % Sold,  1st Price Increase
26 – 50% Sold,  2nd Price Increase
51 – 100% Sold,  Final Price Increase

Once a photograph becomes “Sold Out”, the digital file and or film are destroyed leaving only the fine art photographic prints.

Once you purchase a Cheyne Walls Limited Edition Photograph, you then become a collector and will receive 10% off all future purchase of Cheyne’s Limited Edition Photographs.

Artist's Proofs

The first few prints Cheyne produces are called an “Artist’s Proof”. Those first prints created are the Artist’s Proofs and are kept on hand as the print proofs for future printing. Artist Proofs are very exclusive and very few will ever be produced per photograph. They will be signed, “AP” and numbered in order as printed.  Artist Proofs are priced higher as Limited Edition Prints due to their extremely limited nature. Additionally an Artist’s Proof has special value because of its extra rarity and they are the first printed of that photograph.

AP are very seldom displayed in galleries and not often available for purchase until that photograph is close to sold out. Artist Proofs can also only be purchased through the artist himself. If interested in the availability of an Artist Proof photograph contact our sales team: 

Print Sizes

Depending on the image Cheyne sets 5 sizes that the image will be printed too. If another size is needed we offer custom size prints. For customs sizes availability and pricing contact us at and let us know the name of the photograph and your desired size.

Optical Acrylic Framing

After printing on a metallic photographic paper it is left to dry and then cold-press mounted to a piece of optical acrylic. This protects the piece from dust, humidity and UV rays to prevent fading while showcasing the fantastic image quality, with a vibrant clarity of colors and awesome depth of contrast.  All are a floating version and comes “Ready to Hang.”

Cheyne Walls Tranquil wall sideview

Acrylic Frame Tranquil

Custom Handmade Framing

Now available at Cheyne’s Laguna Beach Gallery / Studio : Handmade custom frames by Southern California Wood Working Artist Patrick Hotra.

Custom Handmade Framing

An award-winning handmade Shaker and Craftsman, Patrick Hotra works with only the finest quality woods available to create his custom handmade frames. Each frame can be customized to heighten the photograph’s appearance and will be designed to achieve a particular look the collector desires.

For more information about these one of a kind frames, contact our sales team :

FrameS1060020 FrameS1060021 FrameS1060022 FrameS1060023 FrameS1060024 FrameS1060025 FrameS1060026 FrameS1060027 FrameS1060028 FrameS1060029 FrameS1060030 FrameS1060031

Custom Framing Options

We offer 5 custom framing options:

  • Black Cube

  • Dark Ash

  • Stainless Steal

  • Drift wood (made from 100% recycled wood)

  • Dark wood

 If possible, meeting with Cheyne at his studio to see framing options with your photographic print is recommended. All custom framing purchases must be done at his studio or over the phone 949.370.5643.

For framing options via email, contact us at with the name of the photograph and which frame(s) you would like to preview. Sample images will then be sent to you showing your options.

You can purchase prints without the custom framing, but it is highly recommend working with an expert framer and do not handle the print yourself unless wearing the cotton gloves included and be very careful, the prints are extremely fragile.

The Eternal Collection

The fine art Eternal pieces are an open edition series of photographs from Cheyne Walls. Each captures an emotional aspect of the Nature‘s wonder. Measuring 10″ by 10″, they can fit on any wall spaces or can perform as accent to larger pieces.

All are printed on a metallic paper and come face-mounted to a UV protected acrylic sheet.

Eternal wall web2


Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery. All prints are made to order, packaged carefully for transport, and shipped via FedEx insured shipping.

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